G-Force Security Solutions, LLC is an industry-leading company offering a wide range of investigative and security services tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals throughout Central Pennsylvania. With over 50 years of law enforcement experience with the Pennsylvania State Police and agencies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of professional services. We offer thorough investigative and security services to businesses, educational entities, and individuals alike while maintaining the confidentiality that our clients desire.

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G-Force provides both professionally trained and experienced armed and unarmed security guards, depending on the client’s needs. We strive to provide our clients with a safe and secure physical presence with such events as:

  • School  Event Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Event Security

  • Retail Security

  • Personal Protection

  • Dignitary Security

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Why choose G-Force to perform your next process serve? Whether you require legal service of a civil claim action, subpoena service, application or order to produce statement of assets and to appear for examination, or any other legal document service, we are here to assist you. G-Force utilizes ServeNow software, which allows for the client to always be kept informed throughout the process serve from beginning to end.

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With over 50 years of law enforcement experience, G-Force promises a thorough, professional, and effective investigation to assist you in your endeavors. We have the investigative tools to assist you with the following services we specialize in with discretion and confidentiality that you can trust.

  • Criminal Investigation Assistance

  • Divorce – Infidelity – Adultery

  • Background Reports

  • Person Locate

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Now more than ever, the safety of students and staff is a top priority for school districts across the nation. As one of the top industry leaders in school safety across six school districts in the Central PA area, G-Force and its highly trained SSOs are providing students, staff, administrators, and visitors alike with the safety and security they deserve! Learn more about our progressive training approach and why our SSOs are more than just “security guards.”

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Safety Plans should never be a "one-and-done" investment you make for your business, organization, and/or educational entity. Let our highly trained and certified G-Force evaluators review your current plan(s) to identify any and all unforeseen threats and/or vulnerabilities. Our team wants to work with you with one goal in mind... keeping your physical security environment(s) running efficiently and safely while meeting compliance standards.

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A security risk analysis for any business, organization, and/or educational entity can be a daunting task! G-Force is committed to working with businesses, organizations, and educational entities in taking a proactive and repetitive approach to addressing potential security concerns. With our extensive knowledge, specialized training, and years of professional service in law enforcement, hire a fully certified expert for your next risk analysis.

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G-Force offers simulated scenarios for businesses, organizational, and schools to test the policies and procedures designed to protect their facilities, staff, and/or students. Using props that simulate live gunfire and/or real-life emergency-related scenarios, our Situational Awareness Training employs specific methods such as Run, Hide, Fight for active shooter situations, and de-escalation techniques to mitigate potential liability or injury.

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G-Force Security Solutions, LLC is one of the most professional security contract agencies I have had the pleasure of working with. I've been in security and law enforcement for over 36 years and Bob Gano and his assembled team are top-notch! Bob's officers support our college's primary security operations by performing functions that include; asset security, special event security, crowd control, investigatory support, and social event security. The cost is reasonable, the staff are well trained and responsive, and the company has always achieved our high expectations.

Bill Lafferty

Assistant Vice President for College Life and Executive Director of Public Safety

Gettysburg College


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