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Now more than ever, the safety of students and staff is a top priority for school

districts across the nation. G-Force Security Solutions, LLC is the industry leader

in school safety throughout the Central Pennsylvania area providing students,

staff, administrators, and visitors alike with the safety and security they deserve!


School districts who partner with G-Force Security Solutions, LLC to implement

full-time, armed School Safety Officers (SSOs) as integral members of their

educational team have a specific vision in mind - creating the safest educational

environment that positively impacts learning. Research shows that learning

is most effective when schools are safe and welcoming environments for all

students and adults. Our SSOs are most often the first responders to any

emergencies that occur both within the schools and outside on school grounds

when response time is of the essence. They act as liaisons between the local police department and the school district. Our SSOs not only patrol the facilities but pride themselves on acting as mentors to the staff and students they protect.

G-Force Security Solutions, LLC continues to be progressive in its training approach of our School Safety Officers (SSOs) through continued education and training for its employees that serve in this essential role. As per the requirements outlined by ACT 67 (Safe Schools Act - 2019), our School Safety Officers must successfully complete the Basic School Resource Officer Course of Instruction offered by NASRO or an equivalent course of instruction approved by PCCD. ALL our School Safety Officers meet the following training/certification requirements (hover over each to learn more):


ACT 235 - PA Lethal Weapons Training

Our SSOs are fully certified through the State of Pennsylvania under the requirements of ACT 235. As part of our yearly training, our SSOs engage in live firing, tactical, and combat training exercises.


Adolescent Mental Health Training

In addition to the 40-hour NASRO course, our G-Force SSOs attend a 1.5 day training course designed to help school resource officers and educators better identify and respond to students who are suspected of having a mental health need.


CPR and First Aid Training

All of our G-Force SSOs are fully certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. This training it vital as they are often the first responders in any school-related emergency.


Our SSOs partake in a minimum of 40-hours of basic training through the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) or training equivalency (Cardinal Point). As part of our ongoing education, several of our SSOs have also completed Advanced NASRO Training

NASRO Training

In addition to the requirements outlined by The Safe Schools Act of 2019, G-Force also offers highly-trained individuals who understand the ACT 67 requirements to assist school administrators (or those designated as the Safety and Security Coordinator). These individuals have prior law enforcement experience and have completed certification of the Crime Prevention Through Experimental Design (CPTED) through NASRO. They have the extensive background knowledge and law enforcement experience to offer their expertise with such items as grant assistance; training of students/staff; risk assessment of district facilities; review of all-hazard plans for each district building; reunification efforts; etc.

Why Choose G-Force for your School Security Officer needs? Not only will your school district gain an individual who is highly trained and has expertise in the requirements demanded by The Safe Schools Act of 2019, but the overall cost of partnering with G-Force Security Solutions as compared to your local police department is significantly lower. Why? Because your district will not have to absorb the additional costs of benefits, pension responsibilities, liability insurance, and workman's compensation coverages included in that officer's annual salary. G-Force Security Solutions maintains the responsibility of those items.

G-Force is currently partnered with seven school districts across the South Central Pennsylvania area serving in SSO roles with various levels of responsibility including Bermudian Springs School District, Fairfield Area School District, Hanover Public School District, Littlestown Area School District, Northern York County School District, Southern Huntingdon County School District, and South Western School District.

“School Resource Officers and Law Enforcement in Schools.” NASSP, 8 Mar. 2021,

Contact us TODAY to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can ensure a safe and secure educational environment within your school district!


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